OCMA is the sole entity recognized by the Orange County Board of Supervisors to bargain for and represent managers assigned to the various County Departments/Agencies.

We currently represent over 1,000 managers employed by the County of Orange.

This Website is developed to educate and inform Association members and the general public about current issues facing Orange County managers and our Association.

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Topics of Interest

County/OCMA Equity Side Letter Agreement
In early February of this year, the County and OCMA entered into a side letter agreement related to mid-year equity salary increases. The County Board of Supervisors voted to accept the agreement with OCMA on February 14, 2017 (letter posted on website).

The agreement allows for a separate and distinct equity process that is very different and does not replace the equity process contained in Article XX, Section 3 of the 2014-2017 Administrative Management Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 
This side letter process authorizes Agency/Department heads to request a salary increase for specific managers in unique circumstances such as where an adjustment is necessary to ensure compliance with applicable law related to legally protected characteristics including gender, race or ethnicity.

This is not an extension, replacement, or an additional method that individual Managers can use to address salary concerns related to their own specific situation. This is an agency/department driven process in which OCMA has little or no role. This does not mean that OCMA is prohibited from participating, but will only contribute to the process only if/when requested to do so by the County.

It is important to remember, the equity process as defined in Article XX of the MOU will still continue as it has in previous years.
  If there are any questions, Managers are encouraged to contact OCMA via the website, phone or e-mail.

OCMA Info – Manager’s Eval
The OCMA Board of Directors and two Manager volunteers, Claire Moynihan and Melissa Padilla, have been working with the County to develop a Management Evaluation Plan to replace P4P. While a permanent Plan has yet to be developed, a transitional plan has been created and will be implemented within the next few weeks.The County will be providing details to the departments very soon, but OCMA wanted to highlight certain provisions of the plan that we believe need to be emphasized.We agreed with the County that there are certain portions of P4P which should be maintained to help in the transition, most importantly, the core competencies that are specific to each class within the Administrative Manager Series.Highlights of the new plan, called P4Pt (t for transition) are:Covers FY 16-17
Creates a 3 step Rating Scale of Needs Improvement, Solid Performance and Distinguished Performance
Provides for the July 2.75% increase (up to the advertised maximum) to be granted to Managers rated Solid or 2.75% (or more) to those Managers rated Distinguished
Replaces Goal with Priority and… requires only 1 priority to be set
Solid performance requires no written supporting documentation
Allows for new managers hired before 4/1/2107 to participateWhile these are just a few of the details of the plan, OCMA feels it is important for Managers to understand that the past concerns regarding P4P were taken into consideration when we worked with the County in developing this plan. It is also important to understand that this is only a transitional plan and a new future permanent plan may contain portions or all of P4Pt. We understand that there will be questions, but please wait to ask your questions during the training sessions where others can benefit from the answers provided.

OCMA has been told by HRS that Department HR Managers are in the process of scheduling information sessions for managers within their departments. These information sessions will continue through next week and the week after. In addition, the website with all supporting information will be live on Monday and live webinars will be offered throughout the process to support key milestones and activities as well.

Nominations for the 2017 OCMA Board of Directors:

It is time to begin the nomination and election process for the 2017 OCMA Board of Directors. The “NOMINATION FOR 2017 OCMA BOARD OF DIRECTORS” form is now posted on the OCMA website (ocma.info), under “Latest News.” If you wish to run for one of the open Board of Director seats, please complete the form and return it to OCMA as per the directions on the form. There are three seats open and each seat is for a 2 year term.

Completed nomination forms are due to the OCMA office by 5:00 pm on 10-3-16.

2017 OCMA Board Nomination Form

County Employee’s Safety Concern


MOU Vacation Amendment Vote – The voting members overwhelmingly accepted the Amendment.

2016 Equity Review Request

Good news!  OCMA is pleased to announce that the 2016 Market/Equity Request process will begin now, with the goal of completion by October 2016.

An equity request can be brought forward by a County Department or by OCMA, on behalf of individual managers.  We do not anticipate many equity requests will be brought forward from County Departments this year, but OCMA will bring forward viable manager’s equity requests for analysis/consideration.

The 2016 Market Equity Request format is available on the OCMA website, ocma.info, by clicking on EQUITY under Topics of Interest on the home page, then clicking 2016 Equity Review Request Form.

Please submit a form, with justification and organization charts, only if you believe there is a SIGNIFICANT inequity (generally 5% or greater) in your pay when compared to your specific peer positions.

There is not unlimited funding attached to this process and increases are discretionary.  Therefore, the following is a list of guidelines we agreed to with the County:

  • Market/Equity increases shall not exceed twelve (12) percent
  • Market/Equity increases shall not cause a manager’s salary to exceed the advertised maximum rate of the applicable salary schedule
  • To be eligible, a manager must pass probation in his/her current classification by no later than August 5, 2016
  • To be eligible, the current inequity should be five (5) percent or greater, unless in the best interest of the County.
  • A manager is ineligible for consideration of an increase if he/she received an increase from the 2015 Equity/Market adjustment project
  • Documented performance issues/concerns will be considered as a basis to deny a Market/Equity adjustment
  • Length of service in current assignment (as well as length of service of comparable managers) can be considered in the analysis of the requests

Please submit your 2016 Equity Requests (complete with request form, justification and organization chart) to OCMA by dropping it off at the office (if the office is locked, simply slip it under the door), mailing it to the office, or scanning and e-mailing it to mmcdorman@ocma.info – prior to 5:00 pm on August 5, 2016.   IMPORTANT:  Late forms will not be accepted for any reason