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OCMA Class and Comp PDQ Information

The Class and Compensation Study for the Administrative Manager Unit is now underway.  The County and OCMA comprise a committee that has been formed to review the current class and compensation system and then recommend modifications to the system.  It is important for everyone to know that all five OCMA Board Members sit on the committee and have been and will continue to take an active role in analyzing and recommending any modifications.

OCMA agreed with the County that an outside vendor would be used to conduct a study of the current system and also had an advisory role in the selection of the vendor. The County entered into an agreement with Gallagher Benefit Services (hereafter referred to as the Vendor) to conduct a study of the current system.  For the past couple of days, the County and Vendor has held information sessions where all managers were invited to hear details about the study and receive information on how to compete a Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ).  The PDQ is central to the study conducted by the Vendor and is an industry standard method to obtain position information.

The PDQ is designed to be completed by each and every manager (as well as their supervisor/manager) and contain specific information about the manager’s current position.  The Vendor will then use the information from the PDQ’s to provide the committee with information necessary in recommending modifications (if any) to the current County system.

OCMA has met with the Vendor, was given an advanced copy of the PDQ and had our questions answered regarding the PDQ.  OCMA also attended the information sessions to hear first-hand, the Vendors instructions as well as some of the questions/concerns by the managers in attendance.  While there has been justified skepticism regarding the motives of the County concerning this process (and there will continue to be), OCMA is confident that the PDQ is only one part of the overall process and that completion of it by every manager can undoubtedly be beneficial to a successful study outcome.  Remember, this is only one part of the process, there will be much more work ahead before any modifications can be recommended to the current system.

That said, here are a few items OCMA feels that are very important for completing the PDQ:

  • The PDQ is specific to YOUR job – DO NOT cut and paste from the County’s Class Specs.
  • Be specific and thorough. If you have a similar job to someone else, do not depend upon them to complete the PDQ adequately for your position.  You must be your own biggest fan, do not depend upon others or your manager to cover for you.
  • You and your manager should be in complete agreement as to your position duties and responsibilities.  If you don’t agree and have significant differences, collaborate with your Manager.  While some of you may be skeptical in this area, remember if a subordinate looks good, so does the Manager!  Everyone needs to remember this!
  • This is not a performance review or indicator, this is specific about your job, so, once again be specific and thorough.
  • Some managers have only one or two direct reports, but a staff of 100 and you might feel the study will not capture this important detail. In the Essential Duties section of the PDQ, you can elaborate on the overall size of your unit/program
  • Required Knowledge and Skills are those that one must have upon entry and be supported by Essential Duties. Don’t rush this, think about it and provide good, solid examples.
  • Do not be afraid that your manager can change your answers. Your PDQ will be submitted as you completed it.  If the Vendor observes significant difference and needs to contact you for clarification, they will.
  • Feel free to help each other out.  This is not a test and if managers can collaborate on the answers, all the better.
  • Managers of managers, you should be your subordinate’s biggest supporter. This is not a competition. If your subordinate position is significant and does extraordinary work, it benefits everyone if you and your subordinate can agree.

We are supportive of this PDQ because OCMA agrees that only by being thorough and complete can the Vendor provide the committee with the necessary information to make fair and just recommendations (if necessary).  As we have stated before, there is ample justification for skepticism, however the completion of the PDQ should not be under suspicion.  If you have any questions, talk to other Managers and get ideas and help from each other.  As always, OCMA is also available to assist.

One again, since this Study impacts virtually every Manager, please help spread the word to your fellow Managers since not all Managers receive OCMA communications. This will also be posted on our website: www.ocma.info Thank you!