Employment Contract Update

OCMA is pleased to report that today the Board of Supervisors approved the OCMA 2011-14 MOU (employment contract) which was ratified (by a significant margin) by the OCMA membership on December 3, 2012. Approval of this contract settles the 2011 P4P Arbitration and Writ of Mandate filed on behalf of the OCMA membership. This action ends an approximate two years of negotiations with the County and finally provides a long awaited 2011 performance base increase. Unfortunately it comes with an increase in retirement contributions, but at least this will occur much later than the County originally planned.

The OCMA Board of Directors wishes to express appreciation for the support of the membership as we worked through this difficult process. During 2013 OCMA will be asking the membership what changes you want to see in the P4P program, so please start giving it some thought. We will be meeting with the County to discuss P4P in the next few months.

Also, today the Board of Supervisors approved the retirement rate for newly hired County employees. Instead of adopting the PERBA rate/formula of 2% @ 62, the County voted to continue the 1.67% @ 65, which unfortunately is allowed by the new law.

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