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Proposed Deal Points

Proposed Deal Points (PDF)

Findings of Fact – Terms of Settlement (Draft)

Draft Findings of Fact and Recommended Terms of Settlement (PDF)


Partial Review of the Newly Enacted Public Employee Pension Reform Act (PDF)

Employment Contract Update

Since our last update on September 9, 2012 OCMA has been busy working on your behalf. Early in September OCMA met with several members of the Board of Supervisors to ensure that they were aware of the manager’s reasons for voting against the 2012 Tentative… Continue reading

Equity Request Update

OCMA has received 104 Equity Requests from managers. Also, County Departments/Agencies have submitted approximately 60 Equity Requests, for a total of 164 requests that will need to be reviewed, evaluated and prioritized. Next week OCMA will begin the analysis and review of these requests. Due… Continue reading