Membership Update 08-21-2017

Membership Update –

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback regarding OCMA recent update concerning membership dues.  Your feedback is important and we truly take into consideration all of your ideas and concerns.  Just as an FYI, we have received both positive and negative feedback and anticipate receiving more of both, and please remember that this is still in the proposal stage, no action has yet to be taken.

OCMA is dedicated to being more aggressive so the county will treat us as a very real, determined Association who will challenge them when necessary. Establishing a reserve for potential legal action will certainly assist in making the point that we are no longer expecting goodwill and will not just “go along to get along.”

The dues update detailed some of the previous and anticipated costs related to litigation, however, we feel it is important to remind Managers of the “regular” and most important benefits related to Association membership.

Prior to the formation of OCMA, the terms and conditions of a manager’s employment with the County were ill defined and seemingly could be changed at will or whim.  The only way an MOU could be developed and implemented was via the formation of OCMA and the entering into negotiations.  Working under an MOU provides a level of security that standardizes working conditions and management rights.   The benefit of collective bargaining is the cornerstone for ensuring fair and equitable working conditions for employees.

In addition, by way of the MOU, OCMA has negotiated a place at the table when both a new manager’s evaluation program and a new classification system are developed, and OCMA continues to be committed to the Market/Equity Adjustment process to ensure pay equity is addressed on a yearly basis.

There are also several other benefits that membership provides, which are important to many Managers.

  • A free $25,000 Personal Accident and Travel/Medical Evacuation Policy for you and your entire immediate family, which can be increased up to $500,000 (at an additional cost)
  • Several additional Supplemental Benefits are available for you and your family, including dental, vision, pet, pre-paid legal services and more.
  • Discount unrestricted movie tickets are available at $6 each for Regal and Edwards Theaters
  • Discount tickets/coupons (Knott’s Berry Farm, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, LEGOLAND, including vacation packages, etc.) are offered through
  • A Holiday party where managers have the chance to mingle and unwind with other County managers

The least used benefit, but most likely one of the most important benefits is access to representation.  While the vast majority of Managers do not need nor will ever require this benefit, it becomes crucial when faced with an employment dispute/matter.

Please remember that since 2004, membership dues have not increased; yet costs have risen and there is a need to maintain enough money to fight the fights (in court) that need to be fought and won.  It is understood that the proposed 75% increase sounds ominous, but when the current dues are rather low (as compared to the other labor organizations) merely looking at the increase from a percentage perspective may be a bit misleading.

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