Manager Benefits

Orange County Managers receive an array of benefits from the County of Orange. These benefits are negotiated on your behalf by OCMA and are included in your employment contract to provide you and your family certain assurances and protections. Along with these negotiated benefits, you receive supplemental benefits provided by the Orange County Managers Association (OCMA) also. The following benefit information is offered to ensure that managers are aware of the benefits they receive:


Within six weeks of being hired/promoted to the position of administrative manager for the County of Orange, a benefit packet will be provided to you by County Employee Benefits. If you do not receive this packet within six weeks of employment – please call the County Benefit Center at 1-866-325-2345 to obtain your packet. In November of each year the annual new enrollment will take place, to be effective the following calendar year – you will be advised each November for this “open enrollment period”; during this time, you may make changes to your benefit choices from the previous year.

Retirement Benefits:
The Orange County Employees Retirement System (OCERS) provides retirement benefits for the managers who have retired from the County of Orange. The County of Orange partially pays for your retirement benefit, however your specific benefit is based upon the date you hired on with the County. Additional information regarding your retirement benefit, including a “retirement calculator” for general retirement benefits that you will be paid upon retirement, can be obtained at the OCERS web-site which is . If you have additional questions, you may contact OCERS directly at 714-558-6200.

In addition to your retirement benefit payment, a retiree medical grant is available also. The current grant level is approximately $21.45 per year, with a maximum of 25 years of service.

Health Care Coverage:
The County of Orange offers four health care plans. These plans are available to you and your immediate family. The County of Orange provides the employee’s health care free of change; dependent coverage is paid by the employee.

The County offers two Preferred Provider Plans (PPO’s): Premier Wellwise and Premier Sharewell. The County offers two Health Maintenance Organization Plans (HMO’s): CIGNA Private Practice and Kaiser Health Plan. Additional information regarding each of these plans is available from . Upon accessing this web-site, click “Health Care” to review plan descriptions, plan costs, plan comparisons and/or obtain specific phone numbers or medical plan web-sites.

Dental Plan:
A dental plan for basic and major services is provided to managers for a maximum calendar year benefit of $ 1,500. In the first year of coverage, the plan pays 80%, the second year pays 90%, and the third year and thereafter, the plan pays 100%. This plan is provided to managers free of charge; however co-pays of 50% for major dental services must be paid by the employee. Questions regarding your dental plan can be answered by Blue Shield of California at 1-888-702-4171.

Basic Life and Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D):
A $100,000 basic life insurance policy is provided at no cost to the manager. This benefit covers a death or suffering a dismembering injury due to an accident. Additional life insurance for the manager or dependent is available on a voluntary basis. Questions regarding your life insurance can be answered by Standard Insurance Company at 1-800-628-8600.

Short Term and Long Term Disability Plans:
At no cost to you, a Disability Salary Continuance Plan is provided to you to protect your income if an injury or illness keeps you from working for an extended period of time. A manager would receive 60% of their salary. Also, a Long Term Disability Plan is available to you after you exhaust the short term plan (Disability Salary Continuance) plan. Upon approval, 60% of your salary will be paid to you. Questions regarding disability plans can be answered by Standard Insurance Company at 1-800-368-2859.

Defined Contribution Plan (Deferred Comp.):
The 457 Defined Contribution Plan is provided to allow you to contribute some of your salary through before-tax payroll deductions on a regular basis. This is a savings plan, with tax-deferred dollars that is controlled by annual IRS limits on the amount deposited.

Optional Benefit Plan:
An Optional Benefit Plan (OBP) is provided to managers in an annual amount of $3,500. Annually, you will have an opportunity to select your OBP benefits in a variety of ways, including: taxable lump sum payment (paid in the first payroll of the calendar year); payment for a portion of your voluntary AD&D elections; reimbursement for eligible medical, dental, or vision expenses; a lump sum amount can be allocated to your 457 Defined Contribution Plan (deferred comp.).

Annual Physical:
A complimentary annual physical medical examination is available at no cost to managers every 12 months. Your examination may be scheduled by calling the Employee Health Service desk at (714) 565-3780 any weekday morning.

Employee Assistance Program:
An employee assistance program is provided by the County of Orange for all County employees. Your health insurance can be used to pay for services, which include counseling, family crisis, job related stress, etc. Services are provided in various locations in the County of Orange and are confidential. For additional information, you may call 1-800-221-0945.

For additional information regarding County benefits provided to managers, you may review the Employee Benefits Web-Site .


Certain benefits are offered exclusively for OCMA dues paying members. OCMA’s benefit program is administered by Pacific Group, phone # 800.511.9065 or e-mail contact at . If you have questions/concerns regarding any of the following benefits, you are encouraged to contact Pacific Group directly. Upon joining OCMA, new dues paying members will receive a benefit packet in the mail, describing the benefit plans and providing enrollment forms. OCMA offers the following benefits:

Personal Accident Insurance, including Medical Evacuation Services (provided free of charge to members and their immediate family):
This Personal Accident Insurance helps protect you against losses due to accidents. A covered accident is a sudden unforeseeable event that results in injury or death. It pays benefits for accidental loss of life, paralysis, dismemberment, loss of eyesight, speech or hearing and helps survivors of severe accidents adjust to new living circumstances. This plan includes medical evacuation services, world-wide, upon death or serious injury. The policy covers the manager and his/her immediate family. OCMA provides this insurance free of charge in an amount of $ 25,000 for the manager and immediate family upon receipt of a simple enrollment form. Additional supplemental coverage may be purchased by the manager on a voluntary basis.

Vision Plan (Voluntary):
The OCMA “VSP Choice” Ameritas plan is an indemnity plan offered to you and your family on a voluntary basis. The plan covers an annual eye exam, frames, single/bifocal/trifocal/progressive/lenticular lenses, and contact lenses. The plan does not cover surgical procedures. The monthly premium is $ 9.56 for the manager only, and increases to $ 26.84 for an entire family. There is a $ 20 deductible annually.

Supplemental Dental Plan (Voluntary):
This Ameritas Dental Plan is offered to coordinate with the County provided dental plan. The plan covers preventive procedures (exams, cleaning, x-rays), basic procedures (sealants, amalgams, simple oral surgery, root canals, gums), major procedures (complex extractions, bridges, dentures, crowns), and child orthodontia (with a 12 month waiting period). Deductibles are from zero to $ 100, depending on the procedure. The monthly premium is $ 39.95 for the manager only and increases to $ 118.50 for the entire family.

Pre-Paid Legal Services (Voluntary):
Legal Shield is offered to members who want to have legal advice and services on a pre-paid basis. It provides you the ability to contact an attorney and get answers on your personal and business (limited) matters. The service will write letters or make phone calls on your behalf and will provide a review of your personal documents (insurance, contracts, etc). You can have a Will, Living Will or Durable Power of Attorney prepared…and much more. The monthly premium for the standard plan is $ 15.95. “Identity Theft Shield” is available also. The monthly premium for a member and spouse is $ 9.95 per month, when purchased with “Legal Shield”.

Aflac Insurance (Voluntary):
Plans are available to meet your long term care and other specialtized insurance needs and will be customized to fit your particular circumstance. Coverage is available for a variety of needs. Please contact Pacific Group Agencies directly to discuss these plans in detail.

Pet Insurance (Voluntary):
OCMA offers comprehensive coverage for pets through The Veterinary Insurance Company (VPI). Our group rate is lower than what could be obtained individually. Rate schedules are available on-line.

Comprehensive Travel (Voluntary):
Custom trip cancellation, trip interruption and medical coverage is available through “Travel Guard”. For additional information, contact our insurance agent at

Additional Benefit Plan Information:
In addition to the summary of benefits provided above, all members may access specific information on the benefit plan designs, costs (if any), or claim forms by clicking the following link: Remember, all dues paying members who have completed the enrollment form are covered by our Personal Accident Benefit Plan; your policy can be printed directly from this web-site, if desired.