Join OCMA!

Who is eligible to join? Any manager employed by the County of Orange is eligible, including all classifications (Administrative Manager I, II, III, and III Spec). You may join OCMA as soon as you are hired/promoted to a management classification.

What are the benefits of joining OCMA? Our mission is to represent administrative managers in the collective bargaining process, wage negotiations, and in matters arising from the terms and conditions of employment with the County of Orange. Our goal is to serve you, county government and the public by supporting and maintaining a motivated and productive management workforce. There are over 1,000 other County administrative managers, predominantly dues paying members of OCMA.

Also, OCMA offers you many other benefits, of which a few are mentioned below:

  • A free $ 25,000 Personal Accident and Travel/Medical Evacuation Policy is provided for you and your entire immediate family.
  • OCMA represents dues paying members, free of charge, in employment disputes/matters.
  • Discount unrestricted movie tickets are available at $5 each and many theme park discount tickets/coupons (Knotts, Sea World, Disneyland, Universal, etc.) are offered to you.
  • Several voluntary Supplemental Benefits are available for you and your family, including dental, vision, pre-paid legal services and many more.

How do I join OCMA? It’s simple – just complete the form (below) and verify your signature from the e-mail that will immediately be sent to you.  Once verified, the completed form will be automatically sent to both you and OCMA.  OCMA will then send you a membership verification letter and a Supplemental Benefits Packets where you can enroll in a variety of available membership benefits.