Orange County Managers Association

Political Action Committee

The Orange County Managers Association (OCMA) Board of Directors have unanimously voted to create the Orange County Managers Association Political Action Committee (OCMA PAC).

The OCMA PAC has been created to raise and authorize expenditures of funds to advance the Association’s purpose of improving relations with the County of Orange.  The PAC will use its economic resources to engage in the political process of supporting issues and candidates who are committed to the economic welfare and the working conditions of County Managers.  
We believe an OCMA PAC is essential.  For too many years, the inability of OCMA to actively support candidates who ultimately make important decisions related to County Managers, has hindered the election of County Supervisors who are faithful to the County workforce.  Unfortunately, it seems only those groups that can actively support candidates have unfettered access to a Board office where crucial decisions are made.  OCMA needs access to the County policy and decision makers who have a direct impact upon our interests.  An OCMA PAC will certainly further that goal.
The OCMA PAC’s overriding principle will be to ONLY support candidates and issues that have a direct positive impact upon County Managers and the Association.  Decisions on the expenditure of funds will NOT be partisan and any political party affiliation will not be part of the decision-making process.  Here is a link to the OCMA PAC By-Laws:  OCMA PAC

It is critical that OCMA have the ability to support candidates who are committed to County employees.  OCMA must have the ability to support issues that are favorable and contest issues that are harmful to County employees.  OCMA needs to have access to policy and decision-makers and have a place at the table where issues that concern Managers are decided.  OCMA needs to be able to work with other County labor groups to form coalitions that will have an even bigger impact upon than any group can achieve individually.  An OCMA PAC will allow us to work with other County labor groups to achieve common goals that will support all the employees of Orange County.  
The OCMA PAC will NOT cause Association dues to increase.  The Board has determined to allocate $3 of each member’s bi-weekly dues to be transferred into a PAC account.  This allocation will create an effective fund balance that can be used to impact OCMA upcoming interests.  
The OCMA Board of Directors strongly encourages all members to support the OCMA PAC so that the interests of OCMA and County Managers can be fully realized.  However, any OCMA member may choose to opt out of having their portion of their dues allocated to support the PAC.  In order to opt out, click on this link:  OCMA PAC OPT-OUT, download and complete the form and e-mail it to  The form may also be sent via US mail or hand delivered to the OCMA Office at:
Orange County Managers Association
600 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Suite 114-F
Santa Ana, CA  92701
A member may choose to opt out at any time, however, OCMA plans to begin the transfer of money into the PAC account on November 22, 2023.  Once received, such opt out will be applied the following pay period.  
NOTE:  By opting out, your dues will remain the same, only the $3 per pay period will not be redirected to the OCMA PAC.
As always, thank you for supporting OCMA.