Employment Contract Update

Various members of the OCMA Board of Directors and the OCMA Executive Director have been meeting with members of the Board of Supervisors to discuss some of the manager’s concerns and some reasons for managers voting down the last Tentative Agreement. We discussed the fact that this group of professionals, above all others, is charged with carrying out the Board of Supervisors policies, balancing tight County budgets, and ensuring that the County is running efficiently. Managers want to be recognized for their accomplishments and for their past sacrifices (giving up 3.5% in past contracted salary increases just to help the County and not getting salary increases years ago in exchange for the County paying their retirement pick-ups). We focused on the changing culture of the County, wherein some Executives and Board of Supervisors members are leading us into an unhealthy working relationship. The Board not approving the 2011 Tentative Agreement makes managers feel disrespected, the fact that many of OCMA’s proposals during negotiations were dismissed out of hand, and that morale is at an all-time low in the county. We told the Board of Supervisors that we wanted to make sure they understood the manager’s position and requested they help in developing a joint workable solution.

Mediation in regard to the “Last, Best, and Final Offer” made by the County will begin on September 24th. OCMA’s attorney, Marianne Reinhold, will be representing your interests and Bruce Barsook, the County’s contracted Chief Negotiator, will be representing the County. OCMA will work on your behalf to encourage action that could impact the County imposing their Last, Best, and Final offer.

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