Membership Update – Market Equity Process 2015

2015 Equity Review Requests

Good news! OCMA is pleased to announce that the 2015 Market/Equity Request process will begin now, with the goal of completion by December 31, 2015.

An equity request can be brought forward by a County Department or by OCMA, on behalf of individual managers. We do not anticipate many equity requests will be brought forward from County Departments this year, but OCMA will bring forward viable manager’s equity requests for analysis/consideration.

The 2015 Market Equity Request format is available on the OCMA website,, by clicking on About OCMA > Forms on the home page, then clicking 2015 Equity Request.

Please submit a form, with justification and organization chart, only if you believe there is a SIGNIFICANT inequity (generally 5% or greater) in your pay when compared to your specific peer positions. Also, please note: Pay for Performance (P4P) increases will not be considered for purposes of comparisons when evaluating requests.

There is not unlimited funding attached to this process and increases are discretionary. Therefore, when reviewing the requests, consideration will be given to:

  • Managers whose pay is not in the same “range” as peer positions (generally within 5%) when compared to managers with the same responsibilities, duties, tenure, etc.
  • Managers in unique positions where peer comparisons do not exist in the County and external comparisons justify that the manager’s current pay is unrealistically low.

An equity request will not be considered if:

  • The manager has not passed probation in your current classification
  • If manager received an equity increase in 2014
  • There is not a significant pay differential (should be greater than 5%) between you and other managers with the same responsibilities.

Please submit your 2015 Equity Requests (complete with request form, justification and organization chart) to OCMA by dropping it off at the office (if the office is locked, simply slip it under the door), mailing it to the office, or scanning and e-mailing it to – prior to 5:00 pm on August 31, 2015.

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