2016 OCMA Board of Directors Election Results

The results of the OCMA Board of Directors are now final and the results are as follows:

Melissa Tober  –  19.4%
David Brock   –  18.3%
Donna Grubaugh  –  17.4%
Jeff Corp  –  12.4%
Oscar Garza  – 8.7%
Brian Johnson   –  8.7%
Scott Dessort  –  7.8%
Shawn Small  –  7.3%

Congrats to Melissa, David and Donna for their election to the 2016 OCMA Board of Directors.  Melissa and David, by virtue of being the top 2 vote getters will take the 2 year seats and Donna will take the 1 year vacated seat.

Thanks to everyone who participated and voted, we hope to see you all at the Holiday Party on the 3rd.

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