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The OCMA Board of Directors and two Manager volunteers, Claire Moynihan and Melissa Padilla, have been working with the County to develop a Management Evaluation Plan to replace P4P. While a permanent Plan has yet to be developed, a transitional plan has been created and will be implemented within the next few weeks.

The County will be providing details to the departments very soon, but OCMA wanted to highlight certain provisions of the plan that we believe need to be emphasized.

We agreed with the County that there are certain portions of P4P which should be maintained to help in the transition, most importantly, the core competencies that are specific to each class within the Administrative Manager Series.

Highlights of the new plan, called P4Pt (t for transition) are:

  • Covers FY 16-17
  • Creates a 3 step Rating Scale of Needs Improvement, Solid Performance and Distinguished Performance
  • Provides for the July 2.75% increase (up to the advertised maximum) to be granted to Managers rated Solid or 2.75% (or more) to those Managers rated Distinguished
  • Replaces Goal with Priority and…   requires only 1 priority to be set
  • Solid performance requires no written supporting documentation
  • Allows for new managers hired before 4/1/2107 to participate

While these are just a few of the details of the plan, OCMA feels it is important for Managers to understand that the past concerns regarding P4P were taken into consideration when we worked with the County in developing this plan. It is also important to understand that this is only a transitional plan and a new future permanent plan may contain portions or all of P4Pt.  We understand that there will be questions, but please wait to ask your questions during the training sessions where others can benefit from the answers provided.

OCMA has been told by HRS that Department HR Managers are in the process of scheduling information sessions for managers within their departments.  These information sessions will continue through next week and the week after.  In addition, the website with all supporting information will be live on Monday and live webinars will be offered throughout the process to support key milestones and activities as well.

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