Membership Update

On January 28th at 12:00 noon in the Commission Hearing Room at the Hall of Administration, OCMA will be having our first Membership Meeting of 2015.  The newest OCMA Board Members will be introduced as well as the newly selected OCMA Board Officers.  The Agenda for the Meeting will be posted on the OCMA website at  Please mark your calendars and plan on attending this meeting.

We have received many inquiries regarding the status of the 2014 Market/Equity Adjustments process that began last year.  As of this update, we are continuing to meet with the County and anticipate the completion of the process by the end of the month.   There are no actual individual updates concerning the equity reviews, however, the process is as follows:

Equity Requests are submitted by either the department (HCA, SSA, OCCR, DA, etc.) or the employee themselves to OCMA.  Regardless of where it originates, OCMA conducts an analysis of the request, submits it to HRS who then forwards the analysis to the departments for their input/response (this part takes time and is usually the reason for any delay).  The requests are reviewed by the department for their concurrence, denial or discussion with OCMA regarding individual requests.  OCMA then meets with HRS and the entire group of requests are again reviewed with HRS.

Once this review is concluded, the CEO then makes a determination of whether to approve or not the entire package as a whole.  Finally each manager is notified of the decision and Payroll applies any applicable increases.  It is important to note that any and all increases are discretionary. 

Each analysis has been concluded by OCMA and all have been submitted to HRS.  We are just now receiving feedback from the Depts. and have a meeting scheduled with HRS for the final review.


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