OCMA MOU Extension Vote Results

The OCMA Membership has voted to support the MOU Extension between the County and County Managers.

This agreement extends the 2014-2017 MOU to and including June 20, 2019.  The agreement has the following important outcomes – 1. It allows for a pay increase which would be realized much sooner than if full MOU negotiations take place, 2. It allows OCMA to enter full negotiations after other labor units have negotiated their contracts, and 3. With the freezing of the equity process, it allows for a simpler and cleaner analysis that is needed for the class and comp study to move forward.

A full version of the agreement can be located on the OCMA website:  www.ocma.info

While OCMA has now agreed to the extension, the County Board of Supervisors must also vote to ratify the agreement which is tentatively scheduled for a Board meeting in April.

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