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It is time to begin the nomination and election process for the 2019 OCMA Board of Directors. The “OCMA NOMINATION FORM for the 2019 BOARD OF DIRECTORS” form is now posted on the OCMA website (, under “Latest News.” The seats currently held by Jeff… Continue reading

OCMA Member Opportunity

The OCMA Board of Directors entered into a side-letter agreement with the County to work collaboratively to support participation by Administrative Managers in the County Poll Worker program (while not part of the MOU extension agreement, the side-letter was entered into on or about the… Continue reading

OCMA Brief Helps Secure Big Win in Federal Case

OCMA Brief Helps Secure Big Win in Federal Case Banning Basing Pay Rates on Salary History OMCA is dedicated to fighting sex-based pay practices in the workplace. As an example of that, in May 2017, the OCMA was one of only three unions nationwide which… Continue reading

OCMA MOU Extension Vote Results

The OCMA Membership has voted to support the MOU Extension between the County and County Managers. This agreement extends the 2014-2017 MOU to and including June 20, 2019.  The agreement has the following important outcomes – 1. It allows for a pay increase which would be realized much sooner… Continue reading

OCMA MOU Negotiations 2018

OCMA Members: After several months of conversation with the County regarding the OCMA MOU and a brief attempt to enter full negotiations for a successor MOU, OCMA has discussed with the County an extension of the 2014-2017 OCMA MOU until June of 2019 with the following conditions:… Continue reading